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Welcome to the Future of Simulation

Step into a realm where reality converges with the infinite possibilities of AI-driven simulations. Our groundbreaking platform merges cutting-edge technology with unrivaled precision, opening doors to a new era of virtual environments.

Company Overview

Cognivivus: Harnessing AI for Business Transformation

Cognivivus uses cutting-edge AI to transform industries and optimize business processes. We provide data-driven solutions for enhanced decision-making, efficiency, and growth. Our expert team delivers customized AI platforms tailored to sectors like finance, healthcare, and retail, addressing your specific needs.

Problem: Operational Inefficiencies and Legacy Systems

Contemporary businesses navigate a complex landscape of challenges, ranging from environmental sustainability to resource optimization. Traditional methods of product development, testing, and market entry can be both costly and time-consuming. We introduce NovAI, a transformative AI-powered simulation platform designed to address these pain points.

Introducing NovAI: Intelligent Simulation for Strategic Advantage

NovAI offers research and development capabilities enhanced by near-reality simulations. This AI-driven solution enables businesses to test hypotheses, refine product offerings, and optimize strategies within a controlled and cost-effective environment. NovAI delivers actionable insights, facilitating confident decision-making and driving innovation.


Limited Realism

There’s no current company in the industry that provides highly realistic platform for laboratory or real life testing. This holds back big industries such as pharmaceutical and auto mobile industries by having them spend heavy amounts of money on research.

Limited Resources

Almost all the industries in the market use up resources on day to day bases. For example, a university's research department can implement NovAI into their curriculum in order to better train the Med students.

Insufficient Material

Due to the lack of efficient equipment these accidents are very likely to take place. NovAI specializes in eliminating all the risk factors in order to prevent such incidents.


Near-Reality Detail

Our platform is designed to provide simulations with an astonishing level of detail. This level of precision is unmatched in the industry and is crucial for industries like semiconductor manufacturing, materials science, and pharmaceutical research.

Customization and Flexibility

We understand that different industries have unique simulation requirements. Our platform is highly customizable, enabling users to tailor simulations to their specific needs. Whether it's adjusting environmental factors or modeling complex systems, our platform offers flexibility.

Interdisciplinary Integration

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate simulations from various domains, facilitating interdisciplinary research and development. This cross- disciplinary approach is increasingly important for innovation.

User-Friendly Interface

While our technology is advanced, we prioritize user-friendliness. Our platform features an intuitive interface that allows users, even those without extensive simulation expertise, to create, modify, and interact with simulations easily.

Market Size

The given market data analyzes the size of the current AI market, it’s segments and the % value of each segment. Currently standing at US$241.80bn, the market size in the Artificial Intelligence market is projected to reach US$305.90bn in 2024. Also, it is expected to hit $738.76bn by 2030. (Graph is taken from Statista)

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Computer Vision

AI Robotics

Machine Learning

Autonomous & Sensor Tech

Natural Language Processing

Target Market

The AI market pool is very wide and has many different sections within.Since NovAI is a generative AI platform, the company focuses on the Machine Learning and Generative AI market.


$ 226b


$ 18.1b


$ 4.2b

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• Have been in the market for a long time

• Customer loyalty

• User trust

• High-quality user experience

• Brand Awareness


• Doesn't provide the platform NovAI has

• Too comfortable in the market

• Lack of realism

• Lack of precision


• Addressing different segments of AI

• Growing a multi-platform

• Developing current AI tools


• New developing companies

• Can't create real-life like simulations

• Intense Competition

• Never-ending lawsuits and privacy issues

• Cyber-security threats